Gone are the days

Gone are the days,,,

When nobody understood the pain

If not you and those within the circle.

Gone are the days,,,

When dark dungeons overflowed

With misery and despair

Of the serf

The feel of littered wastes

That made many captives fall Ill

You could tell that your destination in the door of no return had reached

The scenes

Of women being beaten and chained to cannon balls

And men being starved to deaths

Was the story that lived in the minds of the serf

Confinement cells were ready made

And Language of resistance was unheard of

Indeed those were times when

Telling the difference between humans and commodities was uneasy

As all were both products of auction

Today we live to tell the stories

Of our brothers and sisters who

Not only saw hell but lived in it

They are our history that ought not to be forgotten

But remembered in honor of the pain they went through.